Race Day


I’ve never been in an outpatient lounge before.  I’m feeling way better now but my shoulder is still kinda sore.  It was such a blur when it happened.  The room is all couches and books and toys in a box for the kids.  There’s big windows and a door to the hospital parking lot and a person behind the desk monitoring me until Dad arrives.

I was at Cultus Lake for the race like first thing in the morning, like all the mornings I trained.  At that point it was just volunteers and the concession setting up.  They were already selling coffee to the volunteers in the reflective orange vests.  I sat in front of a big log on the beach and listened to music and tried to just stay calm.  I had made some money with work, fixing bikes and my girlfriend Amber and me trying to get sponsorships for today but I wanted the prize money to save our house.  It was kinda crazy because even if I won I sort of knew it wouldn’t be enough.   We would need just thousands and I certainly wouldn’t have that.  I guess I tried to not think of that as I dug my bare feet into the beach sand and watched as more people started arriving and the sun came up over the long lake I would be cycling with one of the big red water-bikes that bobbed over by the lifeguards tower.  Amber found me where I was sitting and soon she was next to me with her bare feet in the sand.

Once the registration tent was open Amber and I went over and got our numbers.  We were so early so we immediately got entered in the two first short trial races with the newer water-bikes (the smaller ones..not the big red ones).  With those races you didn’t have to win, just place higher than forth.  My sister Melody and Dad weren’t there yet but I was still so nervous once I climbed up onto the wet saddle in my swimsuit and the volunteer helped me over to the starting line.

Each cyclist had a volunteer behind them holding the bikes so we couldn’t float forward.  Music started playing loudly on the shore and I saw it was the local rock station The Drive was set up with a dj who was saying something I couldn’t here and then Every Little Thing She Does is Magic by the Police came on.  The lifeguard in the tower had the starters pistol and was talking to someone below between the two big grey aluminum stands.  The stands were starting to fill.  He raised the gun and I turned to face the finish line between the two bouys.  The shot rang out.

I stood on the pedals and spun them as fast as I could.  The bike was different than the big red ones I was use to but soon we were all slicing through the water.  I got low to reduce drag.  My breathing became louder and I could feel my heart thumping.  Over my socks I could feel the spray from the lake.  Shouts I came from the stands.  I grilled the black rubber handles.  I closed my eyes and just pedaled fast as I could.

And it was over.  The lifeguard blew his whistle.  I had made second place in that one!  The guy who was first was really athletic and he was really friendly to me.  His name is Cam and he works in town at an auto shop but he likes to stay in shape too.  He talked to me for a bit about cycling and my bike mechanics since he’s also a mechanic.   I had a while before the next race so I went and got a pop and watched Amber do her qualifying race.  The race was delayed and I felt bad for Amber because I know how nervous I was and everything.  I sat at the highest seat in the stands and waited.  Finally the starters pistol fired and she was off. 

A whole bunch of people around me started shouting and I did too.  She won that one!  A volunteer in a white shirt and sunglasses announced her name and then the radio dj did too.  I was so proud and after she talked to some people and came up the stands where I was I gave her a kiss.  We still had hours before the next small race and like four hours before the main event so she insisted I eat something.   We got chicken wraps and fries and sat under the sun (she brought sunblock…Amber thinks of everything!)
We both did good on the next two races which we raced together which cut the number of main racers down to fifteen to cross the lake in the big red water-bikes.  The wait for that felt like forever as the people in motor boats put out really long versions of those floaty lines you see in swimming pools and then got into 6 positions alongside what was the race track.  The time was getting closer and we went down to the waters edge with the other thirteen people.  Dad and Melody were there in the other stand and we waved at them.  Adam, the guy who inspired me to be a mechanic was there too!  He was working as a volunteer and I was so shy I could barely say anything.  He recognized me though and smiled.

“You’re Max, right?” He asked and I was over the moon.  I said yes and he recognized me from Brian’s bike shop.  I don’t know how that is but it was amazing to talk to him.

Next thing I knew we were on the red bikes and being moved into position.  Amber smiled at me from down the line.  I smiled back and tried to calm myself as things got really quiet.

The starters pistol rang out and we we off.  You couldn’t stand like with the others as you pedal these from a sitting back position.  The big front wheel spun like crazy as I pedaled faster and faster.  Cam was almost neck and neck with me for most of it.  I didn’t look around much as I was trying to focus on the opposite beach where the finish line was.  The crowd noise fell away as we crossed the lake past the second set of motor boats.  We were all getting tired as the wear of pedaling those big bikes across such a big lake under the sun.  Beside me was another racer who was closing in.  I didn’t have anyone on my other side so I gave us a little room.  The third motorboat was approaching and then the finish line. 

Suddenly I heard a noise from the guy beside me.  Something had happened with his bike and he was in the water.  I think the seat was fawlty.   I just saw him struggling to hold onto the water bike.  He was trying to hold on to anything.  He couldn’t swim.  I can.  I jumped off my bike.  I heard a whistle from the near motorboat as I went under.

I found him after getting past his bike.  I got him to the surface and got him to his bike so we could both hang on.  I turned to find the motorboat only to be crashed into by a bike.  It came outta nowhere.  That’s when it went black.

When I woke up Amber was there as was Melody and Cam.  I didn’t expect any of that but I certainly didn’t expect that they would be going out.  They met before the race started.  After her ex Taylor being so mean I really liked this.  Amber asked how I was.  I said how my shoulder hurt. 

That’s when it got really crazy.  It was like a moment from a game show because when I looked past them I saw not only Dad beaming with a huge smile and tears but I saw…Adam!

Adam told me how people were so moved or something by my story that the radio station had pulled together all the money to pay off the house!  Not only that but I was now going to apprentice as a mechanic with Adam himself, so I’d work in his shop weekdays and I would probably have to give up the burger place.  I told Trent about this later and his was like “Wow man, that is awesome!” 

I can’t wait to get home and start practicing my mechanics again.  I might go out with Amber later.  I don’t know if I’ll get as much of a chance to write in here as I really wanna be the best mechanic for Adam.  As i write this I’m excited to get home.  I can help Dad unpack.  Thank you for reading along!  I’ve really enjoyed sharing this with all of you!  Who knows I might write some more later too!


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One week left!


I thought I’d use an image of two people cycling as the good news is I’m now going out with Amber.  She is so wonderful and she makes me feel like I can do anything.  We had our first kiss, which was my first kiss down at Cultus Lake after we met to practice on Wednesday.  I can’t describe how amazing that was and she tries to help with anything like getting more sponsorships and she even offered to step out of the race.  I didn’t want that because she wants to race too and we could always race together like the Motorola cycling team…like Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter did.  Any help is great because the bad news is things just got harder on Friday.

The bank people phoned dad on Friday and basically said he has a week to come up with the rest of the money.  They said they’d been trying to keep the pressure off him, but they just couldn’t do it any longer.  I don’t know how I’m going to do it, so much of Dad’s money goes into the other bills and the money needed is so huge.  I have been putting my money in savings for it and I have made some money with the extra bike repairs I’ve been doing but it’s like Trent said.  I would need like three more months of way better to come close to that with my work at the burger place added too.  When Amber and I go cycling together (we’ll go tomorrow which is why I’m using right now to write) she has been helping me put out more of my posters.  She even suggested I put something about keeping the house on the poster.  It felt to much like begging though so I didn’t want to do that.  She said ok and that we could get more sponsorships from downtown businesses on Monday when we go cycling.  I don’t mind telling people about my trying to keep our house in person.  Amber said she could help me with that.  She’s in law school to be a lawyer so her job is to do things like that.

Yesterday here was really crazy too.  I have to mention this.  Amber was upstairs with Melody watching TV and talking, (they are totally friends now which is awesome!) I was in the garage and Dad was out getting groceries.   Suddenly the door bell started buzzing like crazy, like over and over again.  I came into the front room and I could see someone there.  Melody was like “it’s Taylor!  What is he doing?”.  I got angry and went right to the front door and swung it open and faced him.

He tried to get in and I stepped in the way.  He said he wanted his games back and to get the hell outta my way.  I told him I didn’t want him near Melody anymore and that she could do so much better.  Melody came down with the games he asked for.  She gave him the games which he shoved in his knapsack and then he was like.
“People like you don’t tell me what to do.  You got that?”
Melody got red in the face and yelled back “Like who?”
He called us some fat pig and her retard kid brother.  Melody yelled something back but in her voice I could tell she was crying.  I just shoved him as hard as I could.  Then he hit me in the stomach and it really hurt and I held onto the door frame.  I didn’t want him getting near her so I just when head first into him pushing him off the porch.  I didn’t know it but Dad had just got home and suddenly Taylor was off his feet as dad threw him into Mom’s garden.  He yelled for Taylor to stay the hell off our property before he gets restraining order put on him.  Taylor cursed and I stood next to Dad and we both watched him get in his blue beater and drive away.

We spent the rest of that day in the backyard since dad has a barbecue and their was a sale on bison dogs which dad said are normally so much more expensive.  They were amazing and we sat on the green plastic chairs and listened to the radio.

I’m gonna try to cycle as much as I can this week since the race is coming up so soon.  Amber’s knows lots about nutrition so that should help too.  I have to eat right to get the most out of myself this week.  Dad asked me not to be disappointed if we don’t keep the house.  He said he knows how I’ve tried but that we’d need so much to stay here much longer.  He brought home moving boxes and has already started packing the office at home.  He gave both Melody and I some of the new boxes.

I’m not gonna start yet.  Melody and I have a pact on this.  Neither of us will pack more than a sock until i race and the time’s actually up.  Both of our stacks of moving boxes are just inside our doors.  I want to see those boxes go!  I’m going to race first.

Talk to you later,

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Safety Meeting Beach Party

The fire pit.

Just after I took that picture things got so crazy.  I didn’t even know Tessa and Gord were going out.  After what happened Saturday night they might not.  What was weird was that it didn’t really bug me like I thought it would.  That might be because I was more worried about what was happening with my sister Melody.  Taylor had been mean to her again.

The week started good.  I cycled down to Cultus Lake to exercise at 6 am after all because the park ranger doesn’t unlock the water bikes on the beach until then anyways.  When I got there Tessa had already arrived with her friend Amber.  That’s when I had the real butterflies in my stomach.  I  couldn’t believe it when they pulled up in Tessa’s blue Toyota.   I mean, Tessa Bailey is one of the reasons I’ve been wanting to save our house and stay in Chilliwack but I hadn’t seen her since that other time I cycled to the lake.  I think Amber Scott had been there too.

Tessa stayed in the car and listened to music each morning but Amber was really nice.  She’s also going to be racing.  She has really friendly blue eyes and blonde hair like Tessa’s but not as straight and she’s shorter.  When I told her I’m trying to be a bike mechanic she asked me lots of questions about it because she wants to race bikes so I might help her with her’s.

About halfway through the week I got an email about the get together for all the racers at the beach where they would talk about safety and things and then party afterwards.   Luckily I had the night off.

The meeting part on Saturday went ok.  They just explained how the races would work and that getting sponsorships was encouraged (which is good.  I already have 8.)

They showed the two kinds of bikes.   They are for different races with some like the older ones I’d been training with…


and the newer ones that would only be used for the shorter races…


The final race with the big ones would be from the beach where we were (there will be stands and a concession) to the finish line at the south end.

After a bit they made hamburgers and hot dogs and the party part of the evening started.  They had coolers of different pops but when Gord and his friends arrived they brought lots of beer.  Someone said that they had already been drinking so by the time it was dark they were really drunk.

I got a text from Melody asking me to call her as soon as I could a little after I took the photo of the bonfire.  Gord had turned up his car radio really loud so I had to go further down the beach where I could also get a better signal and I could hear the phone.

Taylor told Melody he’d meet her for coffee and so she went there at 6pm like they said and waited for him. She was early but he didn’t show up so she just waited. After almost an hour she gave up and drove home. All the way back her phone was buzzing and when she pulled into the driveway she got the calls and texts that he had sent saying she could have waited as he was just an hour late.

I told her it really wasn’t her fault and that a real man wouldn’t have made her wait and certainly wouldn’t have blamed her or made her cry. She said she was confused because she still cared for him. I had to try not to sound angry. She said thank you for listening to her and that I was a great brother.

I just finished the phone call when I heard shouting back at the party. I walked back towards where all the people were and they were staring at two people. It was Gord in his white shirt and grey checked long shorts screaming at Tessa about something I couldn’t really understand. He threw something at her and she fell down like really fast. Some big guys came out the crowd and chased him and his friends away. They screeched away with his car still blaring music music that eventually got quieter and quieter. Other people like Amber were talking to Tessa and she was crying.

I watched for a bit and then got my bike and cycled home. I had lights so that was ok but I cycled really fast. I had a tail wind but I just wanted to get home in case Taylor came there. I don’t know why I thought that …he didn’t show up or anything. Melody was in a good mood this morning so hopefully she’s over him. Gonna work on some bikes in the shop and do some more training later.

Talk to you guys later!


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Water bike race!

New books!

Sorry I haven’t been able to write much up until now!  I’ve been so busy with everything I don’t know if I’ll be able to write as much as I use to!  I’m still going to keep it up and keep you all posted.
My heart was actually pounding when I saw the poster in the bike shop.  Brian had put it up on the bulletin board right next to my bike mechanic ad.  But it was twice as big…bright blue…and it was the first thing I noticed when I went in to get more cables.
It was about the water bike race at Cultus Lake on May 4th!  I think it’s the first official one ever too.  I read it over twice and then rushed up to register with Brian immediately as the bike store was one of the places you could.
I had to do it straight away as there is of course only so many bikes and they do qualifying races before the main race which is going to be ten across the lake.  Final prize is an incredible $1000 but I was talking to Trent about this and I can also work on getting sponsorships as well like we did when I was in Cub Scouts years ago.  Trent’s going to help me with and Melody and Dad said they would help too so I can just work on cycling.

That’s why I got all those books.  We found them at the second hand store.  The top one is great.  I mean, I’m going to do it by getting as fit as I can (I already cycle like all the time but now I’ve got a whole routine down.  I eat lots of carbs and my first cycle is like really early.   My first was 6am this morning I was taking on the biggest hills I could find.  I’m also going to go to Cultus Lake soon to try actually using the water bikes.  I might do that in the mornings from now on actually…like before work.  I know I saw them on the beach when I was last there.  I should go as early as I can so I get there before other racers get the same idea.  I’ll set my alarm for 5.  Or even 4:30.  Earlier might be kind of crazy especially when I work until close.  I can do what the overnight cleaners at work do where I get up…train and then have a nap so I’m not too tired to work. 
I’m still gonna work on bikes too because that’s also money that can put into saving the house.  Melody says I shouldn’t put too much on myself but I want to do this.  I want to show I can really do something too.  If I full on win this I would be like a total hero.  Imagine that.  Maybe it’s wrong but if I was really cool like that I might be able to go out with Tessa.  But the house and family totally come first for me.
I’m winning this for them!


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Happy Easter!


Been a good Easter weekend!  Hope you are all doing well!  Thank you to all my new followers too!  I really like sharing my stories with everyone.  I’d like to do that when I have my own bike shop one day too.  That’s one thing Brian said…he’s the nice older guy who works at the bike shop in downtown Chilliwack.  He said it’s clear I like talking about cycling.  He said he’d like to hire me and he has my resume and everything.  They just wouldn’t be able to pay much and of course I’m trying to help Dad pay off the house. 
Trent at work said he’d tell people on his twitter about my bike mechanics.  I’ve had a couple more bikes to fix over the long weekend so maybe if I make them really good they’ll tell friends.  My normal work has been less hours this weekend.  Easter night was really quiet so I went home early.

Mom dropped off two easter baskets for Melody and I.  She’s done that every year since she stopped living here.  She usually has lunch with grandma as well but I don’t think that happened.  They don’t get together as much as they use too with mom living in the states now.   Melody didn’t give me hers this year.  I didn’t see her eat anything out of it.  It just sort of went away.  Maybe it’s in her room.
Otherwise it was a good Easter.  We had Kfc which is my favorite and Melody had her veggie pasta because she has decided to go vegetarian.  She was in the living room on her phone.  I think she’s texting the ex which I’m not crazy about but it’s her choice.  He texts alot.  I’d like to hope she stops but I can’t tell her what to do.

Also doing taxes so I’ll put that into the money I’m saving for Dad.  Asked Trent about what else I could to earn more and he said he’ll ask about more shifts but that’s all he can think of.  I told Brian about why I’m doing so much and he’s giving me cables and little stuff for free.  He’s really cool.  He said if anything better comes up I’ll know first.  Might put some ads in more stores or even cycle to Abbotsford and do more.  Got so many out…Melody makes the copies at school and she made just hundreds.

Gonna go do more now.


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Chilliwack is my home

Found this photo I liked. Look at those Mountains!

I didn’t know what was happening when Melody came home yesterday.  She was way earlier and I was in the garage working on Trent’s old bike that he paid me to fix.  It was pretty easy to fix…mostly just tightening things up and put on some new cables that Brian sold me cheap.  He is really cool about my private business idea.

Anyways I was in the garage when the front door slammed and I heard crying through the wall that separates the front entrance from the garage.  I heard her run upstairs from what I could guess I just stood holding onto a wrench and the other hand on the Trent’s bike that I had turned upside down on the work stand as her bedroom door slammed.

I didn’t know what to do.  There wasn’t any noise in the house after that.  Dad wasn’t home yet and I didn’t have my music up that loud.  I turned off the Journey Greatest Hits cd and listened.  It was so quiet that it’s like I could have fooled myself into thinking I imagined it like people say sometimes at work when I make too much.  I this time I didn’t.   I knew I didn’t so I put the wrench up on the spot I drew for it on the back posterboard Dad nailed up for me.

When I got upstairs to her door I could here her crying quietly.  I couldn’t remember her crying as she is always so tough and use to beat up the mean kids in school.  I asked her what was wrong and she said it was nothing and asked me to go away.  I didn’t know what to do so I went into the living room and read the blue catalog by Cannondale bikes that I had left on the glass coffee table.  After about 45 minutes she came out.  I didn’t have to bus to work for an hour so she sat down in the center of the couch and told me what happened.

Her boyfriend Taylor who she had been with for three years had another girlfriend the whole time.  I was so shocked by this as we had all met him and he was part of the family and I even fixed his bike.  She had a class cancelled so when she went to surprise him the other girl was at his place too.  She didn’t walk in on them kissing or anything but my sister knew what had happened when he opened the door and she was there and he couldn’t explain it.  Then he told her that they had agreed to him having the other girlfriend and that she had forgot.  She didn’t agree to anything she said and he actually got angry.  Melody ran out and drove home crying.  I don’t like Taylor at all now.  Stupid Taylor.  I call him Taylor – not – Swift now.  But really…he didn’t have to make Melody cry and I think she still likes him even with everything and that’s the thing I really don’t like.  She’s confused and that’s what’s really mean of him.

Before I went to work I made my Bagel sandwich for work since it’s cheaper than buying from work.  Melody was in the kitchen having iced tea she made, talking to me about the house and how it would cost like seven thousand even with dad’s new agreement with the bank.  I said I wanted to help but she said it was really gonna be hard since one repair is only about forty bucks.  If we had six months I could do it but we only had about two or so.  Dad had suggested I could go live with Uncle Dale and Melody could get university residence or even transfer to the University of Victoria. That way Dale could put us up in his kids old rooms and I could make use of his garage.

I don’t want to give up.  I mean…I’ve already started getting a couple customers, I don’t want to give up on Dad or the dream of going out with Tessa Bailey (I know I barely see her but if I go to Vancouver Island…well I guess I don’t know what could happen there.  You never know what fate can do.)

And even though I don’t have lots of friends here and everything I don’t want to leave Chilliwack.  This is where I grew up and I love cycling around it and I’d miss Trent too and cycling to Cultus Lake and the mountains.  I am not going to give up on Dad.

I’m gonna go finish the bike and check my email.  Maybe I have some new customers.  I could even stop by on the way to work at Brian’s bike shop.  He had some old posters that I can use to make my garage look more cool and pro.

Talk to you soon!

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Project : Save the house!

One of my new posters!

We got the bad news on Saturday.  I didn’t work until 5 yesterday and we were all in the kitchen when Dad got the phone call.  I could tell right away he wasn’t happy about the call and he took the phone into his room and left the dining table before coming back and putting the phone on the base in the corner by the window.

“We might have to move into an apartment soon,” he said.

We asked him why and who had phoned and he didn’t answer at first.  Then he told us.  He’d been struggling with so many bills and Annabelle (mom) wasn’t doing good with money either so she couldn’t help.  She wanted to because Melody and I had grown up in this house.  But sales had not been good even with Dad working late and doing all kinds of extra work like sales training and all those white tapes and stuff. 

Sorry I didn’t blog about this sooner but I’ve been really busy with my work and I wanted to ask around too.  Trent last night said I could try getting my own place and that would be neat because I’ve been to his place to watch movies and hang out and it’s really nice but I wouldn’t have my bike shop in the garage if there was no house.  We’ve always been here and it’s home and I don’t want Dad to have to move either.  I told Dad I could try paying more in rent but he refused.  Melody said she could try working part time but he said no to that too.  He didn’t want his problems to get in the way of her education.  She said some part time at the mall wouldn’t hurt and girls she knows did that but he didn’t say anything.  He said he’d see what he could do and then went to read one of his finance books with the stereo playing Cole Porter.

I went downstairs to the garage, closed the door and put on Little River Band.  I started straight away working on the second bike, the blue one by Norco that Melody’s boyfriend found.  I already had the first one working and I had tested it and it was way better since I cleaned it and put a new chain on.  I knew I was getting really good at fixing bikes when I cycled it around the block the day before and it was totally like brand new.  My highschool bully Gord Wells called me names as I cycled past him on the way home (his friends live on my street) but I didn’t care.  I knew I was becoming a real mechanic.
That’s when I had my idea.  I can already fix bikes and give them the same 24 point inspection like they do at the store downtown and do overhauls like I learned in the book by Cycle Magazine so why don’t I go from just learning to actually really making money.  If I could do lots of them and get paid for it (not lots as I could tell people I’m still a new mechanic) then I could add that to my work at the burger place and I could totally pay the house  off so Dad will only have to pay for the other bills like the phone and food and stuff.

And that’s what I’m gonna do too!  I’m going to do it just like the heroes always do in movies!  I’m gonna go pro!  I’ve already made the ad above (couldn’t show the email because Melody said that would be a really bad idea) and I’ve put out like 50 so far this morning.  I work later today but I will go to the copy place tomorrow and make way way more.  Then with my bike I’m gonna go all over town and poster them up.  As long as I’m really good and work hard people will tell their friends and I should make easily enough for Dad!  I’m gonna take my bike books to work to and see if there is anything I haven’t read yet.  I dont think there is bur I need to be totally ready for when the emails start to come in.  Made a special email account just for working.  I can ask Trent if I can put an ad up at work.  And I can put some in other businesses (not the bike shop but I think Brian at the shop wouldn’t mind that I’m trying to do this). 
I really should go because I want to finish the second bike so the first customer is the next bike I do! 

Project : Save the House is so on!  Imagine when I give Dad a cheque for what he needs.   I don’t know how much it is yet but I’ll ask him later.   I think he has a month or so to pay it. 

Anyways got to get working!


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Bubble wrap


Mom came to our house yesterday.  I just got back from work and was reading my new bike catalog when she rang the doorbell.  It was sort of wierd seeing her and she seemed different than I remembered.  We don’t really talk about her that much because it just makes Dad upset.

She went away about four years and two months ago.  I remember the week when it happened.  It was in summer and my sister Melody and I went to Uncle Dale’s in Sidney which is the little town on Vancouver Island near Victoria.  Uncle Dale has a big house down by the water which is nice and I really like taking the BC Ferry over to his place.  We’ve been on the ferry lots of times for every other Christmas and things like that.

Outside on the ferry!

I stay at the front outside almost the whole time on the way there and back each time we go.  The wind gets really fast when you go around the corner to the front of the boat.  It’s so nice though with the sun and the view of Georgia Straight and Active Pass and I really like the houses that sit on little islands surrounded by trees and water and bright sunlight.  Those people must be really rich and I can’t imagine how they go to work by boat  because each house has a little pier out front with canoes.

Melody would get bored and take a book she got at the gift shop inside and go back to where Dad was sitting.  I’d watch the islands go by and the seagulls that would follow the boat, just floating there without flapping their wings. 

I didn’t get to find out why she came or what Dad and Mom had to talk about.  When I opened the door Mom gave me a really tight hug and then said I had a late graduation present.  She had stopped by a bike store in Tacoma and got me a work stand for bike mechanics. It was a really good one like they use in the stores.  The stand was still in the box of course but I said thank you and I didn’t know that she knew I was working so much on bike mechanics.

“Oh, your Dad and me were talking” she said and then Dad came down the stairs.

“Did you thank your Mom for that?” He asked me looking at Mom the whole time.

I said I did and he told me to go into the garage and see if I could put it together.

Next thing I knew Melody came into the garage too and she didn’t look happy at all.  She said we should wait in the garage until Dad comes to get us.  Mom was thinking of taking us to the mall to get clothes or whatever she said and Melody sat on top of the deep freeze with her Canadian History textbook.  She read quietly and I tried to be quiet as I finished taking all the packing tape off the big rectangular box.

First thing that came out was sheets of bubble wrap.  It was stuffed all around the grey tubes of the bike stand.  I started popping the bubble wrap like I always did for fun.  I’d push in with my fingers until each little plastic dome went poof under my thumb.  Melody didn’t like that I started doing that.

“Oh come on.  Can’t you just put it together quietly?” she said.

I stopped doing that and she went back to reading for a bit.  I took some of the tubes out and tried really hard to put them next to the wood pile without the hollow tubes clanging.  Melody stopped reading and put her book down.

“Sorry Max,” she said “Here, pass me some bubble wrap.”

I did and she started popping them.  I took another sheet and I did too.

“Did Mom get you something too?” I asked.

She popped a few more and then said “Tuition”.  She kept popping bubbles.

We both stayed in their for about half an hour.  I went back to putting the whole stand together and she finished her sheet of bubbles.  She didn’t talk much.  She seemed upset when she took the next sheet of bubbles and did some more.  Didn’t want to ask why.

I should get going.  We’re going out to meet her for lunch in some place in Vancouver and maybe walk to the seawall.



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Hold on! Help is on its way!

The Little River Band!

Hi there!
I had not blogged for a while so I wanted to say how everything is going.  I can usually do these on Monday since it’s my first day off and Melody doesn’t use the computer for school as much.  She reads so many books and sometimes does essays which take her really really long, like late at night after I’ve gone to bed.  Dad has his computer but it’s down in his office and we aren’t allowed to go in there.  Melody goes to the university in Burnaby and she already left in her red car.  Haven’t seen Tessa or anyone else from school for a while since graduating.   I have a couple friends from school around but I don’t see them much either.  Norm came into the burger place where I was working on Saturday.   I told him about how I’m working on becoming a bike mechanic and he said he had an old one I could try fixing.  Got it yesterday before work and it’s downstairs with the other one that Melody’s boyfriend found for me.  I’ve already started on that one.  Norm said he’d be surprised if I could fix his one.

Work was ok and I’m getting good at it but it has its ups and downs like Trent says.  There was a group of young people in rap clothing that made fun of me when I was outside cleaning the doors and windows with a squeegee.  They took the squeegee and pretended to be me like what I was doing was stupid or something.   I didn’t know if they were going to beat me up as it was dark outside and no one was around except for some people sitting inside who were watching me when I went out to clean.  It was ok because they eventually went away and stopped bugging me so I picked up the squeegee where they dropped it and finished the glass and went inside.  I told Trent and he called them something I shouldn’t put in here.  The cleaner William said he was sorry he hadn’t caught them doing it and said “sorry buddy” to me and I finished my shift.  Trent gave me a ride home which was cool.  He listens to lots of loud dance music in his blue smart car and was talking about how he hadn’t dated anyone since his girlfriend left him for someone else.  I told him about Tessa some more and he said I’d probably find someone great some day.  I like talking to him.

I had spaghetti when I got home that Dad made.  Dad made it with lean turkey and he said he is trying to be way more healthy and save money.  He’s really careful about health and saving power these days.  I know he listens to tapes on the way to work and he has started running in the morning.  He also switched the tv back to basic which is fine because I’m usually reading my bike books or riding my bike or working in the garage on the two bikes.  My dad even said the garage is looking like a professional workshop now.  I tried to get a job at the bike store but they said how they really only hire in spring which is now but they have the same guys so I can try but they don’t see themselves hiring.  It’s sort of tricky because you can’t take bike mechanics in college…just auto or aircraft mechanics so I’m just going to keep working downstairs on bikes with the books Dad bought me and the ones I get from the library.  The older guy at the bike shop was really cool though and he liked how I was trying and he said he would give me discounts on things I need like cables and tools which was really nice of him.  He said his name was Brian and his full name is like a Beach Boy.

My favorite song right now is “Help is on it’s way” by the Little River Band.  That’s my favorite band right now too and that song is like my theme song now…like I can help people when their bikes break down like Adam helped me before.

I like the idea that one day I could be really good like that.  I don’t know if I’ll be as good as Adam but Brian said he was impressed with how much I already know which me doing a full overhaul on the first bike.  I like the idea that I never know what will happen too.  It helps me keep working when things are all ups and downs.

Gonna look up some bike suppliers on the computer.  Already have five catalogs which I sent away for for free but Dad was saying I should see what is current in the industry.  I have my mp3 player using the speakers so I can listen to more music.

Talk to you later!


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Whole new idea!! :D


I just got so caught up in everything I almost forgot to write in here about everything!   Remember how I said my bike had been broken when it fell in front of a car?  Well that was really harsh and even though people were so soo nice to me I was worried that the bike shop couldn’t possibly fix it at all.

And they couldn’t either.  The guy who first saw it when my dad brought it into the store (he had to carry it because the real wheel couldn’t move) was like “O.m.g. this doesn’t look good” and the other guy was totally like “I don’t know if we can’t fix this at all” then they started showing us some new bikes.

Then the older guy who works there came over and asked about the bike.  He said that maybe Adam could fix it and they could call him.  Adam wasn’t available until later so dad and I met him at a coffee shop.  He was so cool! 
Adam pulled up in a really nice looking new car with two racing bikes on the roof.  He had cool clothes and was wearing sunglasses and was really friendly and shook both our hands.  He took a look at the bike and was like “Oh yeah…no problem …i can get it to you by tomorrow around noon”.  My dad said after that he was so amazed and that the guy wasn’t even expensive.  He was worried a little about how good Adam was and stuff but when we got the bike the next day it wasn’t just fixed…it was awesome.  The guy made it like way way better.  I think he even cleaned it up and everything.  He had me test ride it and everything and seriously…it was like when I first got it.  He made the brakes better and the brakes didn’t need fixing!
So I have been looking around our garage for what bike mechanics things we have and looking up stuff on Google like crazy.  I don’t know if this is how I should get started being a bike mechanic like Adam but that is definitely what I want to do!  Imagine if I was like soo cool like him.  Tessa would be soo into me and I would have like a career and I could drive around and make people’s day like he did.  I found some things in the garage that the websites said I should have but I need to save up and get more stuff from the bike shop.  I’ve been looking up bike shops and I printed off a list and put them in the garage.  I could totally get some thrown out bikes that people don’t want and make them like awesome. 
I asked dad if I could move stuff around on the work bench and I told him what I was doing and how I want to be like Adam and he was really cool with it!  He helped me clean the bench so I’d have more room and he said I should get some books on mechanics too and we could go to the mall and find a good starting one.  I’m gonna go ride in a bit and don’t work until Friday so I’m totally gonna work on this! I got the cd player down there  now and I’m playing the cd that William from work got me.  Listening to Journey and I really like that and April Wine and Trooper too!
Time to go rock!

🙂 🙂 Max

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